Business Modelling

In simple terms, the business model determines what you want to do, offering whatever value that is, hopefully, unique, to a chosen target segment, and bringing home the bacon.

This training module in business modelling will focus on the interwoven relationship between strategy and business model and explore how to create and implement innovative new business models.

This module on Business Modelling is part of the curriculum of critical training courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Business Modelling Components:

  • Customer Segments. Who you are targetting.
  • Value Offering. What is so special about you.
  • Channels. The means to connect with the customer
  • Revenue Stream. What and how income is derived
  • Cost Structure. Where costs have to be kept lean
  • Resources. The means to execute
  • Key Processes. What and how things are done inhouse
  • Alliances. Of partners and shareholders

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