Your management’s thinking is NARROWER than you think.

Don’t let these 3 critical thinking deficiencies sabotage your organization’s success

Suboptimal Solutions

Managers often resort to quick fixes and knee-jerk initiatives that fail under pressure. Without deep analysis, these solutions lead to inefficient processes and ineffective outcomes, resulting in significant losses in productivity, missed opportunities, and wasted resources that can have a devastating impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Resistance To Change

Managers with a track record of success can become too focused on tried and true methods, falling prey to inertia, confirmation bias and stagnation. As a result, organizations avoid innovation. They become vulnerable to disruptive innovation and nimbler competitors, risking their market position and long-term viability in an ever-changing business landscape.

Inability To Transform

Even when the desire to change is present, senior managers often struggle to keep pace with rapid advances in the external environment. Many organizations fail to craft a coherent strategic plan to continue creating sustainable value and competing effectively, leading to a gradual erosion of market share and relevance in their industry.

Leadership thinking training is crucial for overcoming these deficiencies and ensuring your organization does not fail in the market place. By equipping your leaders with the tools and frameworks needed to make sound decisions, embrace change, and drive transformative growth, you can position your organization to thrive in the face of today’s complex challenges and secure a prosperous future.

Address these 3 deficiencies directly

We help organizations using a three-stage framework, Sansi,  to overcome each challenge.   Sansi refers to the three thinking modes in Chinese

By progressing through the stages of Logical, Layeral and Strategic Thinking, Sansi provides a comprehensive framework to shore up thinking skills and move from being reactive to proactive. It equips leaders to make sound decisions, challenge assumptions, and continuously steer the organization in the right direction to succeed both now and in the future.

Our training programs are designed to walk through the 3 stages step-by-step, with practical application to your business context.

Let’s discuss how Sansi can transform your organization into an agile, innovative and future-ready market leader.

IssueSolutionTarget groupThe Key QuestionApproachFrameworks
Suboptimal solutionsLogical Thinking (2D)All ManagersHow do we ensure fast output and good results?Diverge then convergePyramid Thinking MECE Decision trees
Resistance to changeLayeral Thinking (3D)Middle to Senior ManagersWhy are we doing this in the first place?
What outcome is ideal?
Review assumptions. Consider all alternativesJobs to be done
Root Cause Analysis
Systems Thinking
Design Thinking
Critical Thinking
Exponential Thinking
Inability to transformStrategic Thinking (4D)Senior ManagersWhen will this trend hit us? What should we do?So what does this mean?
What if I do X?
Environmental Scans
Customer Value
Strategy Mapping
Scenario Planning

Sansi (三思)

Management today faces numerous challenges in how it thinks because each level of management demands a unique approach that aligns with its focus.  Sansi offers a robust framework to structure our thinking about thinking.

Customized Training

If you need a training course designed specifically to meet your unique requirements, we’ll create a customized program to address the specific challenge you’re aiming to overcome.

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