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Self publish fast and profitably for Kindle, CreateSpace, iPhone and Print on Demand

By Steve Weber

This little book, not even 100 pages of actual content, provides scant but up to date information on the major pointers on ePublishing. This book is best borrowed from a library to get up to speed quickly on a topic. Not worth the space on your library shelf.

Content includes:

  • Communities trump companies
  • Dive into electronic text
  • Publish to the Kindle Store
  • Target the Mobile Reader
  • Give it away to prosper
  • Ready, Aim, Format
  • Weave your web
  • Wag the long tail
  • Rise above the noise
  • Graduate to print
  • Write off your expenses recommends this book for:

  • Basic overview of ePublishing on various formats
  • Simple layout and quick reading
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