This module on Visioning Management Training is part of the curriculum of critical management courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Visioning Competencies- the ability to:

  • translate a strategy into a corporate vision
  • cascade and communicate the vision to rank and file
  • inspire commitment and passion to the vision
  • turn vision into practical action
  • anticipate risks in strategy and vision
  • articulate corporate values in support of vision

Recommended materials

  • Timelines into the Future: Strategic Visioning Methods for Government, Business, and Other Organizations by Sheila R. Ronis (May 2007)
  • Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach by Jay W. Vogt (Nov 2008)
  • The Fieldstone Alliance Guide to Crafting Effective Mission and Vision Statements by Emil Angelica (Jun 2001)
  • Winning Culture. By: O’Connor, Michael J.. Leadership Excellence, Jul2009, Vol. 26 Issue 7
  • Inspiring Leaders. By: Zenger, Jack; Folkman, Joe; Edinger, Scott K.. Leadership Excellence, Jun2009, Vol. 26 Issue 6

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