Innovation Management Course

In the quest for higher productivity and competitive advantage, breakthrough innovation is proving to be the ‘Sputnik moment’ for all organizations. The management of innovation is one of the most important leadership priorities for organizations.

This two-day course equips managers and policy makers within an organization with an understanding of the main issues in the management of innovation and reviews the relevant skills needed to manage innovation at both strategic and operational levels.

Course Outline

  • The Innovation Imperative.
  • The Innovation Process
    • The Discipline of Innovation, Peter Drucker, HBR
  • The Innovation Dilemma: Why is it hard?
    • Christensen, Clayton and Raynor, Michael. Why Hard-Nosed Executives Should Care About Management Theory.  HBR.
  • Types of Innovation
  • Creativity and Innovation.
    • Techniques to boost individual creativity
  • Collaboration and Innovation
    • Connect and Develop, Larry Huston, HBR
  • Customer-centric innovation
    • Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure, Clayton Christensen, Scott Cook and Taddy Hall, HBR
    • Turning Customer Input into Innovation, Anthony Ulwick, HBR
    • Demand Driven Innovation
    • ‘Jobs to be done’ approach
  • Sustaining Innovation
    • Creating New Markets through Service Innovation, L. Berry, V. Shankar, J. T. Parish, S. Cadwaller and T. Dotzel, MIT Sloan Management Review
    • Innovation versus Complexity, Mark Gottfredson and Keith Aspinall, HBR
    • New product, service, and experience introduction
    • Channel, marketing, supply chain innovation
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Systematizing Innovation
    • Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Reneé Mauborgne
    • Is It Real?  Can We Win?  Is It Worth It?, George Day, HBR
    • Netflix Case Study
  • Organization and Culture
    • Managing, attracting and retaining creative people
    • Suarez, F., and  Lanzolla, G. “The Half-Truth of First-Mover Advantage,”  HBR
    • Organizing to maximize innovation
      • Culture
      • Design and Structure
      • Reward Systems
      • Recruitment, Selection,
      • Training and Development
      • Strategy and Competition
  • Protecting Intellectual Property Right
  • Open Innovation

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