Corporate Storytelling

This module on Corporate Storytelling is a facilitated workshop aimed at helping organizations understand the power of story in developing an authentic corporate brand.

It is part of the curriculum of critical training courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Approach for Corporate Storytelling workshop:

  • Branding as a corporate wide activity
  • The essential components of Story
  • The company core story
  • Gathering authentic raw material for storytelling
  • Storytelling in advertising
  • Creating storytelling dialogue
  • Seeking authentic alignment

Recommended materials

  • Around the Corporate Campfire: How Great Leaders Use Stories To Inspire Successby Evelyn Clark (Jul 2004)
  • Storytelling in Organizations: Why Storytelling Is Transforming 21st Century Organizations and Management by John Seely Brown, Stephen Denning, Katalina Groh and Laurence Prusak (Sep 2004)
  • The Elements of Persuasion: Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster & Win More Business by Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman (Aug 2007)
  • Storytelling: Branding in Practice by Klaus Fog, Christian Budtz, Philip Munch and Stephen Blanchette (Oct 2010)

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