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Book Review

Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures

By Dan Roam, 2008

Dan Roam’s elegant book bears two hallmarks of a classic. Firstly, a simple idea: think and communicate visually. And second, a structure that gives practitioner a methodology to build around the concept.

This structure takes the form of a 5 x 6 matrix which pitches a visual thinking checklist SQVID against the more common 4W’s and 2H (how and how much).

All in all, we found the 5 x 6 matrix quite engrossing but ultimately overstructured. Best to just enjoy the simple exhortation to think visually and numerous well illustrated case studies.

Content includes:

  • A whole new way of looking at business
  • The four steps of Visual Thinking
  • The six ways of seeing
  • SQVID. A practical lesson in applied imagination
  • Showing and the Visual Thinking MBA
  • Show-and-tell in Business
  • Drawing conclusions recommends this book for:

  • A simple idea of visual thinking well explained and packaged
  • The SQVID- 4W2H grid
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