advocates and supports the P.I.N.C.E.S. approach to strategy development. This emphasizes collaboration among the management team  to organically derive innovative strategies that are based on:

  • Planning
  • Insight
  • Novelty
  • Commitment
  • Execution
  • Simplicity


Strategies are in essence detailed plans that deliver competitive advantage. They originate as macro concepts which cascade into micro action plans at every level of the organization.

GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program incorporates the latest research in management theory to allow your organization planning to be leading edge and effective.


The most powerful strategies are built around keen insight. Into customer preferences, industry structure and organizational strengths and weaknesses. GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program facilitates deep and candid internal discussion into customer, industry and organizational issues. We use an extensive checklist of industry benchmarks to allow your organization to jumpstart creating exciting business models around opportunities hidden in plain sight.


By definition, strategies provide a gameplan to execute something new. This is where innovation is inextricably linked with strategy. Organizations must be prepared to consider options which may be in direct conflict with the way things are done.

GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program includes the latest training in innovation and creativity. We discuss the innovation creating models from SCAMPER to Blue Ocean.


One of the biggest failures in strategy development is the strategy conceived unilaterally without input and  broadbased support.

GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program are developed as a collaborative activity for senior managers, heads of department and key decision markers. During our workshops, participants are actively encouraged to raise new ideas and critique points raised. This process of creative collaboration reduces discord and assures the buy-in and alignment required to power your strategy throughout the organization.


Strategy that are poorly executed remain conceptual failures.

GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program takes the freshly developed corporate strategy and guides its development by a clear step-by-step process into measurable scorecards and executable action plans.


If a strategy cannot be explained in a minute, it is likely to be lost among rank and file.

GroomTalent’s PINCES Strategy Development program is a proven strategy development program that has been taught to leaders in leading global organizations. Our two and three day programs reduces the development of effective strategy to the key concepts you need to start increasing revenue and creating competitive advantage in these technologically competitive times.