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How financial managers can transform their roles and add greater value

By Jeremy Hope, March 2006

Unbeknownst to most non-financials, the powerful finance function constantly undergoes painful introspection about whether they are accountants plus-plus, or are they integral components of the executive suite, working in partnership with the chief executive function.

Jeremy Hope suggests in his timely book that CFO’s can and should opt for the latter. Drawing some interesting case studies and personal experience, he structures the neo-role of CFO’s into seven key areas. A nice wake-up call for CFOs that prefer to define their role into unambiguous routine excel spreadsheet generation. The strategic world is your oyster.

Content includes:

  • The CFO as Freedom Fighter
  • The CFO as Analyst and Adviser
  • The CFO as Architect of Adaptive Management
  • The CFO as Warrior against Waste
  • The CFO as Master of Measurement
  • The CFO as Regulator of Risk
  • The CFO as Champion of Change recommends this book for:

  • A comprehensive checklist of best practice for the seven re-visioned roles of CFO
  • The seven re-visioned roles of CFO
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