Strategic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Company Directors and Stakeholders.

Organizations face rapidly changing internal and external fctors that puts acheiving their organizational objectives at risk.

The responsibility to identify, analyse, evaluate and mitigate risk is the responsibility of all key decision holders and stakeholders. By law, company directors on the board MUST exercise diligence in performing this statutory task or risk enquiry.

This two day course is designed for busy management executives who want to adopt the powerful ISO 31000 framework as a starting point to fulfilling their enterprise risk management obligations.

The workshop adopts a rigorous lecture and discussion approach for participants where the end documentation can be collated and submitted as a working document on the organization’s strategic ERM submission. The methodology marries the ISO 31000 framework together with the GroomTalent PINCES strategy development approach. Topics covered in this comprehensive program include:

  • Relationship between risk management principles, framework and process
  • Principles of effective risk management
  • The Framework for Managing Risk
    • Mandate and commitment
    • Design of framework
      • Organization and context
        • External context
        • Internal context
      • Establishing risk management policy
      • Accountability
      • Integration into organizational processes
      • Resources
      • Communications- Internal and external
    • Implementing risk management
      • Framework for managing risk
      • Risk management process
    • Monitoring and review of the framework
    • Continual improvement of the framework
  • The Risk Management Process
    • Communication and consultation
    • Establishing the context
    • Risk assessment
      • Risk identification
      • Risk analysis
      • Risk evaluation
    • Risk treatment
    • Monitoring and review.