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WEB 2.0:
Concepts and Applications

By Gary B. Shelly and Mark Frydenberg, 2011

In internet time, six months is an eternity. Witness the ‘lead’ Myspace enjoyed in public opinion a year ago. What is happening to Myspace? Which is why it is a tremendous pleasure to find a current, topical textbook masterwork like the Shelly Cashman Series on Web 2.0 Concept and Applications. Like contemporary texts, it has the readability of a Newsweek article and still carries academic cred in the scope and analysis of Web 2.0. The treatment of Web 2.0 issues is detailed and current– it deals with iPad as a here and now. Grab this while it is fresh off the press. And current for the next internet while.

Content includes:

  • Evolution from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0
  • Online publishing
  • Content syndication
  • Information organization
  • People connection
  • Data linking
  • Cloud Computing recommends this book for:

  • The authoritative assessment of the Web 2.0 state of the art. Circa Sept 2010.
  • Wide comprehensive coverage of Web 2.0 issues lushly illustrated in full colour screen captures and vibrant graphics.
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