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Business model innovation for growth and renewal

By Mark W. Johnson, 2010

In grappling with Business Modelling, one obvious question arises: what is business modelling and what are the components. In truth, the definitions vary tremendously. Some point to Business Modelling being distinct from Strategy, while others have business modelling as a monetisation strategy, and yet others might view competitive strategy as a component of business modelling.

So it feels really comforting coming across Mark Johnson’s short discourse on his Business Modelling methodology from Innosight: his four box business model framework comfortably maps onto the four measures in the other business standard, the Balanced Scorecard. This focus on Resource, Process, Customer and Profit Formula (Finance) is intuitive, consistent and downright fun to apply.

This book is great for case studies, notably Tata Nano and Dow Corning.

Content includes:

  • The White Space and Business Model Innovation
  • The Four-Box Business model framework
  • The White Space Within: transforming existing markets
  • The White Space Beyond: creating new markets
  • The White Space Between: dealing with industry discontinuity
  • Designing a new business model
  • Implementing the model
  • Overcoming incumbent challenges recommends this book for:

  • The Four-Box Business Model Framework
  • The discussion of White Space within, beyond and between
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