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Book Review

The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology

By Henry Chesbrough, April 2003

This is the seminal text that created the framework shaping much of what Open Innovation has grown to be. While other books are clearer in the implementation of Open Innovation, Chesbrough shows his clarity of thought here, giving us a precious insight into the case of Open Innovation vs the limitations of Closed Innovation

Content includes:

  • Xerox PARC
  • The Closed Innovation Paradigm
  • The Open Innovation Paradigm
  • The Business Model (for Open Innovation)
  • From Closed to Open Innovation
  • Creating New Ventures out of Internal Technologies
  • Business Models and Managing Intellectual Property
  • Making the Transition recommends this book for:

  • The original insight into Open Innovation
  • A nice review of OI strategies and tactics
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