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GroomTalent’s Team Building Expert!

We pioneer a whole new approach to corporate team building and enhancing creativity. We build teamwork and approach team building using screenwriting, advertisement creation, improvisation, even poker and other seriously fun team building games and team building activities. Talk to us. We’ll be happy to discuss teambuilding ideas and getting your to grow by having serious fun.

Team Creativity – GroomTalent’s Team Building Expert!

Outline of the Team Creativity Workshop (TCW)

  • The TCW will comprise a full day Workshop for all participants, followed by another Review Session, a few weeks after the workshop.
  • During the Workshop proper, the participants will be organized by teams and
    • taught to analyse great works of film
    • given an intensive instruction session on generating their own compelling original stories, and presenting them as concise visual treatment
  • Teams will be fully assisted to complete and submit their original stories in friendly competition.

Participant pitching a story

Participant pitching a story


Participants and judges to the pitch

  • There will be a de-brief session to draw out important learning points from the session. These deal with strategic thinking, creativity, skill inventorizing and project management.

Review Session

  • This session is about two months after the TCW and is open to participants as well as non-participants.
  • Team Creativity will relive the TCW process and reiterate the vital learning points.
  • There will be an ‘unveiling’ of the original submissions of the team-  this time professionally edited and rendered into full colour storyboards. The lesson is clear: what the team can conceive, the team can achieve.

Unveiling of Posters of original stories written in TCW

Unveiling of Posters of original stories written in TCW

  • This Review Session can be developed as part of a gala event- the coup de grace of a teambuilding initiative. Ideal for a Dinner and Dance highlight.

For more information on our TeamCreativity workshop, please contact us at

Phone: +65-9760-8681


Or, you may visit for more information.

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