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This module on Coaching is part of the curriculum of critical management courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Coaching Competencies- the ability to:

  • Direct, instruct and train a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills
  • observe an individual in process of executing a task or a work function and provide feedback to enhance performance or correct deficiencies

Recommended materials

  • Coaching and Mentoring: How to Develop Top Talent and Achieve Stronger Performance (Harvard Business Essentials) by Harvard Business School Press (Sep 2004)
  • Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring: How to Choose & Use the Right Technique to Boost Employee Performance by Florence M. Stone (Jan 2007)
  • Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring by David Clutterbuck and David Megginson (Jan 2005)
  • Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring by David Clutterbuc and David Megginson  (Jul 2009)
  • Find a Mentor–or Protégé. By: Johnson, Aleita. HRMagazine, May2009, Vol. 54 Issue 5
  • What Can Coaches Do for You? By: Coutu, Diane; Kauffman, Carol; Charan, Ram; Peterson, David B.; Maccoby, Michael; Scoular, P. Anne; Grant, Anthony M.. Harvard Business Review, Jan2009, Vol. 87 Issue 1

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