Customer Service

This module on Customer Service Management Training is part of the curriculum of critical management courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Customer Service Competencies- the ability to:

  • provide through the careful management of strategies, systems, and staff, services that meet and preferably exceed the needs and expectations of our current and future internal and external customers
  • discern Moments of Truth: any episode where a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the organization, no matter how distant, and through this contact, develops  an opportunity to form a favourable perception of the organization

Recommended materials

  • The Institutional Yes, The HBR Interview with Jeff Bezos, Harvard Business Review (Oct 2007)
  • Branded Customer Service: The New Competitive Edge by Janelle Barlow and Paul Stewart ( Sep 2006)
  • Superior Customer Service: How to Keep Customers Racing Back to Your Business–Time Tested Examples from Leading Companies by Dan Blacharski (Jan 2006)
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Going Beyond Your Good Service to Exceed the Customer’s Expectation by Lisa Ford, David McNair, and Bill Perry (Jan 2001)
  • Customer Service Training 101: Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results by Renee Evenson (Sep 2005)

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