Competency-based Interviewing

This module on Competency-based Interviewing is part of the curriculum of critical training courses for developing leadership competencies and management talent.

Basic Course Outline:

  • The cost of mis-hires. Quantifying the loss due to hiring and losing talents that are a poor fit for the organization
  • The Hiring Process. A full discussion of the steps from translating business strategy to KPIs; to defining job requirements and interviewing the candidates and to signing employment contract
  • Beyond the Hiring Process. A review of important issues and details beyond the hiring basics. This includes cutting edge evaluation of online recruiting, microculture hiring and psychological testing
  • Types of interviews. A review of interviewing approaches ranging from traditional to competency based interviews.
  • The five key skills in successful interviews: Listening, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Clarifying and Note Taking
  • Competency-based interviews. The critical steps in implementing a powerful competency-based interview allows an interviewer to ascertain vital experience in candidates that form the best predictor to future fit.
  • The STARR techniques. Getting the facts and guiding the interviewee right each time.

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