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STORYTELLING: Branding in Practice. By Klaus Fog. Oct 2010

There have been other good books of late about Corporate Storytelling– the Elements of Persuasion by Maxwell comes to mind— but few remotely touches the key function of story telling for corporate branding like Storytelling.

In its second edition, this book has only improved with richer examples and case studies. Highly recommended for organizations seeking to raise itself above mediocrity by simply looking honestly at itself through the authentic stories across the board.

Content includes:

  • Branding through storytelling
  • The four elements of Storytelling
  • Storytelling in business
  • The company core story
  • Authentic raw material for storytelling
  • Storytelling as a management tool
  • Storytelling in advertising
  • When storytelling becomes dialogue
  • The media as a storytelling partner
  • Tearing down the walls recommends this book for:

  • A logical and very user-friendly list of steps to harnessing the power of story-telling in a corporate setting
  • Rich case studies

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For more information on Corporate Storytelling, please click HERE.

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