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Book Review

How social technology can transform the way you lead

By Charlene Li, May 2010

While there are a growing number of books dedicated to discussing the growth and importance of social media, Open Leadership is one of the few and certainly one of the more instructive ones on positioning leadership in the face of the Web2.0 tsunami.

It provides insightful anecdotes of Web1.0 leaders getting the message and benefiting from the personal effort to send a blog or twitter a hungry following. A pleasant read and a must read for those closed to the social media imperative

Content includes:

  • Why giving up control is inevitable
  • The ten elements of openness
  • Objectives determine how open you will be
  • Understanding and measuring the benefits of being open
  • Structuring openness with sandbox covenants
  • Orchestrating your open strategy
  • Open Leadership: Mind-sets and traits
  • Nurturing open leadership
  • The failure imperative
  • How openness transforms organisations recommends this book for:

  • The handy delineation of Open Leadership modes into action and decision making
  • The reminder that nobody knows enough of this to make the rules so just jump right in and be comfortable with failure
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