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The simple money-making secrets of online millionaires

By Scott Fox, 2006

Written by Scott Fox, who had helped niche marketers to celebs like Bill Reilly tap the internet since his early days at Stanford, this book is great building the case for new ventures leveraging off internet marketing. Four years hence, a lot of that is already ancient news but it’s still a fascinating trove of great case studies. These are not the top tier cases like e-Bay but accessible and innovative niche sites like, a billiards supply portal, or This book is ideal for giving you an overview of the key issues. Then you hire techies to get the real work done.

Content includes:

  • Business case for internet based business
  • The internet’s serial millionaire waves: Efficiency to Products to Niches
  • ICICLE business model
  • Building your e-business- from domain name to hosting to content development
  • Internet marketing secrets recommends this book for:

  • Case studies of internet startups. Review the formulation of business model and value proposition!
  • ICICLE model for business modelling
  • Online resource
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