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A 7 step plan for starting your own profitable online business

By Brett McFall, 2008

Prior to the internet, the paradigm of zero cost reproduction of digital content was already established. With the advent of Tim Berners-Lee’s brainchild, the cost of distributing suddenly trended to zero as well. And together, spawned a whole new industry based on internet marketing.

Different from internet-based marketing, internet marketing is a murky, fast-growing service industry based largely on the production of eclectic and niche information packages and pedalled online. The business case is formidable: zero barrier to entry, low cost of production, zero cost of reproduction and profits which are practically equal to revenue.

Brett McFall writes a personal journal on developing an internet marketing strategy and implementing it. This book is largely similar to the countless books out there but excels in sharing practical gems of advice gained from being in the trenches, like his piece on copy writing or outsourcing the writing of internet content.

Read this for a good overview of the internet marketing value chain. Time to get started.

Content includes:

  • Why the internet is the best way to make money while you sleep
  • The keys to your internet success
  • Why sell information?
  • Step 1: find a hot niche market
  • Step 2: create a product that gives your market what it wants
  • Step 3: create a powerful and compelling sales message
  • Step 4: design a simple website that converts prospects into buyers
  • Step 5: bring traffic to your website
  • Step 6: use email to turn more people into customers
  • Step 7: recruit an army of people to sell your product for you. recommends this book for:

  • A succinct review of seven great milestones in internet marketing
  • Discussion of commercial software and web services for internet marketing
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