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Book Review

Coaching and Mentoring:
What they are and how to make the most of them

By Jane Renton, 2009

Written in typical The Economist fashion, this neat handbook provides a wonderful philosophical review of the rising practices of coaching and mentoring, if not the mechanics. Unlike other good references that dwell on logistical issues of setting up a coaching or mentoring program, this opts to explore the historical evolution of both management tools and provides a thoughtful capsule review of the pioneers and thought leaders in both practices.

Content includes:

  • The origin of coaching
  • Mentoring: the world we have lost
  • The coaches
  • Regulation
  • Does coaching work?
  • How to pick the right coach
  • Coaching and mentoring women
  • Coaching and mentoring the leadership
  • Clients’ views
  • The future recommends this for:

  • List and review of top coaches and mentors
  • Evolution of the practice
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