Project Description

Book Review

Change By Design:
How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation

By Tim Brown

The basic difference between Design and Design Thinking is that the latter tends to be micro and product-focussed, in the traditional sense of the word. Moving into the realm of the latter, Design Thinking, we open ourselves to a totally new level of macro thinking and systemic consideration.

This significant difference is well captured in Change By Design by Tim Brown. The book describes well the Shimano project where IDEO, the organization Tim Brown heads went beyond the design of a new bike to reconceptualising the essence of biking and its current limitations to arrive at the successful Coasting bikes.

Organisations tend to be too siloed in the majority of situations. Having Design Thinking to align such diverse views cannot be a bad thing, especially from a holistic and touchy feely perspective of Design Thinking.

Content includes:

  • Getting under your skin- How Design Thinking is about more than style
  • Converting need into demand- Putting people first
  • A mental matrix- “These people have no process”
  • Building to think- The power of Prototyping
  • Returning to the surface- The design of experiences
  • Spreading the message- The importance of storytelling
  • Design thinking meets the corporation- Teaching to fish
  • The new social contract- We’re all in this together
  • Design activism- Inspiring solutions with global potential
  • Designing tomorrow- Today recommends this for:

  • Actual case studies of Design Thinking by one of the foremost expert on the topic
  • An unwillingness to make a hard topic out of what should be a soft topic