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Our Approach

Customer-centric customized training

We are happy to partner clients in developing bespoke training programs based on materials and methodologies that make sense to unique situations. We have extensive experience using:

  • Case Studies
  • Lectures
  • Team Creativity Challenge Format
  • Role Plays
  • Teambuilding structure
  • Pitch and Presentation Format

Executive Summary

We develop our materials specially to give busy, successful executives the macro view on critical issues in a easy to understand package.

The leading thought and latest developments are presented in clear and non-technical language to facilitate constructive discussions and rapid absorbtion.

Training Courses adopts a four stage training assessment process to customize training for client partners.

Stage 1: High Level Strategy Meeting
During this scoping meeting, we will partner you to understand your corporate strategy and translate this to training needs.

Stage 2: Data Gathering
Should there be a need, we can assist you to conduct 360 multirate assessments of competencies to develop a clear picture of individual executive competencies. This is important in structuring individual training programs and laying down the baseline for assessment of training efficacy.

Stage 3: Conduct of Training
Training courses are typically two-day sessions. We are very happy to specially design programs from half-day workshops to five-day retreats.

Stage 4: Assessment of Efficacy
Generally, six months to a year after the conduct of training, we will conduct a post-training 360 or focus group to determine the efficacy of training. Concurrently, will also maintain personal contact with individual participants to provide updates of latest practices relevant to the areas of practice of the participants.

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